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Kia ora, I'm Isabella  

specialist facilitator and expert in stakeholder & community engagement 

A force for connecting, translating, joining up.

From small groups to multi-organisation collaborations, I help people:

  • engage with the real issues and with each other
  • agree and disagree productively, in a common language
  • communicate complex or controversial projects
  • build informed support and social licence to operate   




I can connect, translate, and bring together people and groups.

Your project, your organisation, or your community will see real results, thanks to: 

  • excellent stakeholder and community engagement
  • effective and down-to-earth facilitation
  • savvy communications advice
  • ability to 'get' your sector and your context

Image credits

Lighthouse - Edith Schreurs, Wikimedia Commons

Enderby Island, balloon landscape - Isabella Cawthorn.